Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. This year Kristen made Dave dress up as something other than a cowboy. Kristen likes to tell the story about a friend at work seeing Dave for the first time on Halloween dressed up in his cowboy hat. Dar, Kristen's work friend, didn't think that Dave was dressed up, but that he was just a cowboy. The next time Kristen and Dave were with this work friend, he asked Kristen, "Who's this guy, I thought your husband was a cowboy??"
This year Dave wanted to be the Transformer, Optimus Prime. It would have matched perfectly with Luke's costume Bumblebee (another Transformer). However, we couldn't find an Optimus Prime costume in Dave's size anywhere.
So the Monday before Halloween, the whole family went out to a Halloween Store, and tried to find something that would work. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, Luke said "Please" a lot, and the next thing you know Dave was buying a Fred (from Scooby Doo) costume, and we had borrowed a Scooby Doo costume (for Luke) from Kristen's brother. The next day we went to Trunk or Treat as a Witch, Fred, and Bumblebee (you can never count on a little boy not to change his mind a time or two).
Without a little Scooby by Dave's side people were not quite sure what to think about Dave's costume. People would ask if he was Austin Powers, Chef Ramsey, Olivia Newton John, Marilyn Monroe, and even the "Girl from Scooby Doo".
On Halloween, we went to Dave's work, Kristen's work, and Grandma & Papa's house, and collected a lot of candy in the process. The good thing about having a little boy with food allergies, is that Mom and Dad get a lot of the candy that Luke received. However, it's hard to keep candy out of a little boys mouth, and so Luke did get some things that he shouldn't have. After Mom and Dad had a chance to go through his candy, Luke would look into his little pumpkin and ask "Hey where is all the chocolate?" he did get a few pieces of chocolate from time to time, usually Tootsie Rolls. At the end of the day, we were driving home, and asking Luke about his day. Dave asked "What was your favorite part of the day?" to which Luke replied "THE CHOCOLATE!"