Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kristen is sick

This week has been no fun especially for Kristen. On Tuesday when I picked her up from work, she was so tired, and wasn't feeling well at all. Her throat hurt and she had a fever. So as we went to pick up Luke, I arranged to have our babysitter watch him on Wednesday as well. Kristen seemed to be getting worse and worse as the week wore on.

There have been some times this week where Kristen has seemed to be healthy, but then again, there are times when she is just so worn out and tired, that it makes me feel terrible. Sleeping has not been fun at all. Kristen has a hard time getting comfortable, and ends up adjusting and moving around most of the night, and not getting much sleep at all.

Luke has been a great helper. On Wednesday morning Kristen and Luke were home alone for a few hours, and Luke took great care of her. He went up to the Kitchen, got a baggy, and filled it with ice so that Kristen could put it where it hurts. Luke does some of these little things every day to make Kristen feel like she is being taken care of. He is a great helper and seems to love doing it.

With Kristen on Remicade, it makes it very difficult for her to fight off disease or virus's. So basically when someone gets a cold, it takes them about two weeks to get over it, Kristen might take 3 or 4 weeks to get over it. Lets just hope that this sickness doesn't develop into something more.

It is just 8 weeks until Baby Jack arrives, and we seem to be doing something everyday to get prepared for him. Yesterday, we painted his room. Luke helped and really enjoyed paining. Luke is a great helper. He put the tape on the baseboards, with Grandma's help, and of corse he got his own roller. The other day he helped me put together a toy box, and he has helped me to move the computer. He is a great little helper, and really enjoys doing some of the more grown up things in life.
Everyone keep Kristen in your prayers as she continues to struggle to get over her illness. She has quite a bit on her plate with just 8 weeks to go, and hopefully she will stay strong and healthy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

On this Valentine’s Day 2009, I would just like to mention how much I love my wife. Kristen and I have been married for six years now, and each year has been great. I remember when I first realized that I really loved Kristen. We had been dating for about four months, and my little brother had a few baseball games down in St George, UT. I invited Kristen to go with me and Mitch and my parents.

When we got down to St George, I broke out in a terrible fever, developed a deep pain in my ear, and found it hard to swallow. We went to an urgent care, and got some medicine, but it didn’t do anything for me. Kristen just kept smiling. She took care of me and made me feel so special. At the baseball games, I found myself wrapped up in a sleeping bag, lying on the ground with a fever of 104. I got so sick that Kristen just took off with my Mom, Dad and Mitch, and just spent some time with them (had to be pretty awkward for Kristen). I felt so bad, but when they would come back, and I would see Kristen, she would just be smiling and would be so concerned about how I was doing.

It was the way that she would smile at me, and the way she would put her hand on my back. It was the way that amidst all the adversity she kept treating me like I was everything to her. And all the while, I had nothing to offer, I found it painful just to talk, I couldn’t even sit up straight. She calls it the weekend from Hell, but for me, it was the weekend that I fell in love.

Since that day, I have been devoted to Kristen. She has been everything to me, she helps me to be a better person and I am truly the lucky one in our relationship. She has to deal with me and all my little annoyances. I know that I am not a perfect husband, I make mistakes all of the time, but just like St George, Kristen has stuck by my side and made me feel good about myself at all times. Kristen is the love of my life, and I am lucky to have found her. She is my Valentine, and I am in love with her.