Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catching You Up

I have received enough feedback on the blog that I have decided to no longer write in the third person. I thought it would be cool because you wouldn't be able to know who was or wasn't the blogger of the family, but the critics have spoken and found it to be a little annoying. Thanks for those of you that put your opinion in the hat. It really was appreciated.

In November Kristen and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. What a great six years! My wife is truly amazing, and does so much for me. She is terrific! We did go out and spend a night on the town. It seems like that is something that just doesn't happen as often as we would like. Babysitters are so hard to come by, but we were able to get out and have just a wonderful time together.

In December, we have had quite a busy schedule. We have had Christmas parties galore. We have had two work parties, three family parties, and then we have pictures to get taken, family to see, and all sorts of other activities that seem to conflict with something else that we could do. Then on top of all that, you have to find time to shop. It really can be a stressful month. One of our goals to make this a less stressful month was to get all of our Christmas shopping done by December 20th (that's today), and I am pleased to say that I have done all the shopping that I needed to do. Kristen and I are going out today to get a few last minute gifts all taken care of. And after today we will be all done.

One of the exciting things that happened to me was at work. I was the winner of the Presidents Award. This is an award given out to three or four people each year that have proven to be outstanding associates. It is Deseret Mutuals top award. I didn't think that I would even be in the running, but I guess that I was. I was nominated by a fellow associate (I don't know whom) and they wrote some pretty nice things about me. When they announced my name at the company meeting, they had arranged to get my family there to share in this honor. Kristen (my wife), Luke (my son), Craig and Karen (my Father and Mother in-law), and Karen (my Mom) were all there to celebrate with me. That was a fun surprise. When I got back to work, I had several emails from family telling me all sorts of congratulations and support, and that was just a huge blessing and honor for me.

We recently got another Ultrasound for Kristen and Baby Jack. Kristen is almost 23 weeks into the pregnancy, and is looking and feeling great. We were really nervous about this pregnancy since Kristen would be on her medications and we were not sure how she would react while being pregnant. Thankfully she is feeling even better that she was when she was pregnant with Luke. Everything is looking great with Jack, and we are getting more and more excited by the day.