Sunday, March 15, 2009

T-Minus Three Weeks or so.

So here we are entering the home stretch of a nine month adventure. Sometimes it has seemed to go by really fast, and at other times it seems to have taken forever. Kristen has done really well this pregnancy. We were a bit worried with her health that having a baby might not be good for her, but so far so good, she even mentioned at one point that this pregnancy was better than her first.

We have decided to name the baby boy Jack. We are still deciding between middle names, but it is down to Phillip (Dave's Step-Dad's middle name) and Everett (Kristen's Grandpa's name). For last names, I guess we will just have to go the traditional way and so the Jack's full name will either be Jack Phillip North or Jack Everett North.

Lately Kristen has been having a few contractions on days that she works (she really doesn't like those very much, they are kind of painful). And oh my gosh, that baby is a mover. Each night Kristen and I will watch as Jack pushes and kicks and prods Kristen's belly, possibly trying to make more room for himself.

Jack is going to be a big boy. About five weeks ago, Kristen was at a Doctors appointment, and when they measured him, they came to the conclusion that he was already measuring about 5 lbs! (some say that a baby will gain about 1lb every week the last month, so that is going to make for a BIG BABY).

When we had Luke, Kristen was about 1 week late. We went into the Hospital already dialated to an 8, I think it was. All the nurses and our midwife suggested that next time we come in a little earlier, or we would be having the baby in the car. So this time around, I am wondering when it is that I need to talk Kristen into coming in. This is a hard task because Kristen, as a nurse, hates when people make a big deal out of a little pain, and it turns into being nothing at all, thus her pain threshold is pretty high. So I need to convince her that "YES, this is the time", oh and so it would be helpful if I knew when that time was, it's a mystery to me, but yet I may be the one to tell her that this time is the time.

With Jack, we might just have him at any of three hospitals, depending on where we are. If we are at work, and Kristen has starts going into labor, she may just end up having the baby at the University Hospital. If we are in an emergency situation, we may just go to Davis Hospital as it is the closest. But if things go as planned, and I am home while she starts going into labor, then we will just go to Ogden Regional. Don't worry, we already pre-registered.

We have the car seat ready for Jack, and his room is ready, clothes are in his drawers, and most of all Luke is excited to have a little brother. He already told told us that he is going to teach Jack how to walk, how to talk, and how to eat. The only problem that I am anticipating is that Luke may try to be TOO helpful at times, but that is only because he really wants to be a good big brother.